What are some good interviews with Shane talking about the cinematography for Upstream Color?

Of course!

ND/NF Q&A with Shane Carruth (7:25, 11:28, 16:34)

Slant Magazine - Shane Carruth

Comingsoon.net: Shane Carruth Returns with Upstream Color

Reelreactions: Q&A with Shane Carruth 

And if you’re specifically wondering about technical details, he doesn’t really like to talk about those in interviews after they became the main focus on Primer, but it was shot on a hacked Lumix GH2.

What happened with The Modern Ocean?

It is still in production. Shane has descended into silence as of late, which is a good sign, though the most recent interviews he’s mentioned that he’s finishing up the script.

Back in May he had said he hoped to start filming by the end of summer. No idea where he is on it. 

All I know is he promised it won’t be another 9 nine years.

Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz - Paris View high resolution

Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz - Paris

Hey. I don't know if this will ever be answered, but if it would be, it would help me out tremendously. I've read a ton of interviews with Shane, but can't seem to find any info on how he went about recording sound for Primer. I assume with Upstream Color, he hired a few sound guys. But with Primer, didn't he have to do it himself? If so, how? Or maybe I'm wrong and he had sound guys for Primer as well.

The sound for Primer was also recorded by him, using a variety of guerilla methods - such as sticking a microphone down into a rolled up blueprint. 


Because of this, 80-90 percent of the film had to be ADR’d after the fact, in Shane’s apartment about a year later, which is why a lot of the sound doesn’t quite match the space it takes place in. He had a pretty basic shotgun mic/external recording setup.

Shane talks about the sound on the Primer commentary.


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